Missy Badook Has a Birthday Party

Coming SoonMissy Badook Has A Birthday Party

Feisty, funny, imaginative Missy Badook has her own special way of having fun. “Humph, Humph and Humph” is Missy’s response to attempts to put a lid on her creative approaches. Missy enlists the aid of her teddy bear and tries to blame him for the mayhem she causes at her birthday party. At the end, Missy is held accountable for her actions. Bear surprisingly shows his displeasure at the false accusations by turning the tables on Missy and blasting the hose full force on HER. “Everyone knows teddy bears can’t talk…but they can do other things.” Missy finds that Mommy Badook loves her. Even when she’s bad. Like today.

This story would appeal to 4-8 year olds.

Missy would like to invite you to her birthday party. Check back towards the end of 2019 for an invitation!

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