Thank you for considering Elaine Donadio for an author visit. She lives in New York City but is open to travel invitations. You can find her honorarium and a list of possible topics below.

Please note: travel expenses may include flight, car rental or taxi, hotel, mileage reimbursement, and bridge or tunnel tolls as relevant to her journey. Payment is requested on the day of the visit. Please contact her at for questions or scheduling. 


  • Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan (plus expenses), Nassau County, western Suffolk to Commack and Bay Shore… Half Day $500…Full Day $1,000
  • Staten Island, eastern Suffolk, Westchester County, Putnam County to Cold Spring/ Carmel, southern Connecticut to Westport… Half Day $700…Full Day $1,200
  • New England, New Jersey, Upstate New York… Full Day $1,200 plus expenses
  • All locations beyond the areas mentioned… Full Day $1,200 plus expenses
  • SKYPE  $150 UP TO 60 MINUTES


  • Nonfiction Writing – examples, elements, and structure
  • Poetry – poetic techniques, formula poems
  • Fiction Writing – examples, elements and structure
  • Story Structure
  • Creating Believable Characters
  • How Setting Drives The Story
  • Perspective or Point of View
  • Purposes For Writing & Speaking
  • Strategies For Reading & Writing
  • The Writing Process


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