March of the Blue Moon

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Series:The Montgomery School Kids
Book Four—March of the Blue Moon


Eleven year old New York City boy, Nestor Ramirez, visits his long-absent father in Anchorage, Alaska and takes his friend, Kwan Min Park, along for the journey. Afraid his father will pressure him and his mother to move to Alaska, Nestor struggles to resist the sights and sounds of “The Last Frontier.” Nestor’s father left for Alaska about one and a half years earlier to strike it rich in the lumber business, but fails. Nestor vacillates between contempt and compassion but makes it clear he has no intention of embracing life in this remote land.

Ironically, Kwan Min’s great-uncle also lives in Anchorage and plays a pivotal role in the lives of the visitors from the Lower Forty Eight.

Nestor learns many science and social studies facts about Alaska, the culture of its Native Peoples, and the Korean culture of his friend, Kwan Min.

This New York City boy has his first experiences with mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes as he learns to kayak, clean fish, snowshoe, mush sled dogs, hike, fight off bears, and how to send a wish list to Santa Claus who cannot be found in the North Pole.  Most noteworthy is Nestor’s vow to improve his image by emulating an unlikely Alaska hero and an enterprising, entertaining adult.

Nestor looks forward to telling you about his adventures. Please follow this website for publication news. Nestor’s story will be ready in early 2020.

Nestor says hello! He has a lot to tell you about, so don’t disappear on him.


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