YA Book Review: Flying To The Light by Elyse Salpeter

Flying To The Light by Elyse Salpeter

What teenage boy does not entertain hero fantasies? Seventeen year old Michael must protect his six-year old brother, Danny from kidnappers. After Michael sees a stranger snapping photos of Danny in the park, Michael’s life goes “horribly wrong.” His parents don’t come home after a night out, and he finds out from the TV news that they were kidnapped. To make matters even worse, they’ve been identified as spies, and labeled as traitors by the American government. Now, these same weird people are after Danny who has a hearing impairment, but is able to sign with his big brother to communicate why he’s being targeted.

You see, Danny has special powers to follow the light, communicate with birds that represent the spirits of people who have passed on and to explain the experience of the life after death to the people on Earth. The boys don’t know whom to trust. It seems everyone is an imposter whose sole purpose is to kidnap little Danny and harness his powers for their evil ends. Thankfully, the boys’ parents are rescued and vindicated in the end, and all is well.

A fun Young Adult or Middle Grade story that will appeal to girls and boys  alike. Michael takes his role as protector very seriously. He is able to rescue his parents and his little brother. Being the big brother is a tough job.

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I wish you all a life inspired by the wonder of the world around us. May you find and live your truth, in harmony with people, nature and the environment. May you be a force for good and a source of love and comfort. May the world be a better place for you having lived and loved here.

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What’s It All About? Sojourn Into The Night—A Memoir of the Peruvian Rainforest by Elaine Donadio

What’s It All About?

You can preview and purchase  Sojourn Into The Night—A Memoir of the Peruvian Rainforest at Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites for a digital or paperback copy, or you can visit Smashwords.com for a digital copy.

Sojourn Into The Night—A Memoir of the Peruvian Rainforest


Travel to the rainforest of Peru as the original photos in this watercolor journey help tell the story in this unrhymed,  poetic narrative which captures the stillness of the night and my delight in seeing unique creatures secure in their own world.

Awestruck by the beauty of the Peruvian rainforest, I behold what is hidden in plain sight. Aided by the full moon, the stars and three flashlights, the jungle guide traces the almost imperceptible – camouflaged creatures, unseen but for the probing lens and heightened senses of this mentor who, among the cacophony of undefined sounds amid ambiguous paths with buttress roots spread wide, staunch soldiers in their mission as lianas reach up with wooden fingers in communion with arboreal giants, quietly courses ahead in this exalted forest with depths of knowledge and intuition surpassing my own.

A teacher by profession, I become the student in this unfamiliar great biome, learning facts but also becoming aware of my limitations as a sentient being, capable of looking but incapable of seeing but for the gentle guidance of one who communes with nature.

My books are primarily geared to middle grade readers, but this book may be best suited to 12-adult (Nothing is X rated!).  They’re loaded with well-researched science facts and are appropriate for classroom study and/ or  supplemental or independent reading assignments with tie-ins for science, literacy and social studies. The secret of their success is their ability  and purpose in allowing the reader to have fun while learning—experiencing the world through the eyes of the characters—journeying with a friend, in a sense. Content area reading is what it’s all about.

Please visit my website ElaineDonadio.com  for study guides for this book. You can use the book for some of your answers, but you will have to do outside research, also.

Questions or comments? Please email me at author@elainedonadio.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy reading!

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Borrow My Books From Queens and Suffolk , NY Libraries!

Welcome to my blog!

Printed copies of my books are now available for inter-library loan at Queens Library and Suffolk County Library in New York.

The digital copies are still available in many library systems throughout the country, but the printed editions are an added feature with limited access.

My Book Titles

Middle Grade…(8-12 year olds )

The Science Project
The Ocean’s Way
Who Do Voodoo?
The Ocean’s Way Poetry Companion

12 – Adult…

Sojourn Into The Night—A Memoir of the Peruvian Rainforest

In New York, this is where you can find my printed books:

The physical copies are available from the Queens Library system at Central Library, Jamaica; Bay Terrace Library in Bayside; Whitestone Library in Whitestone. Or, you can borrow through inter-library loan if you’re a Queens County library patron.

Also, the physical copies are located in the East Hampton Library, East Hampton. Suffolk and Nassau County library patrons can borrow through inter-library loan online.

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Sojourn Into the Night: A Memoir of the Peruvian Rainforest

At eye level, buttress roots spread wide , staunch soldiers earnest in their mission.

At eye level, buttress roots spread wide , staunch soldiers earnest in their mission.

Here’s an excerpt from my unrhymed, poetic narrative “Sojourn Into the Night: A Memoir of the Peruvian Rainforest.”


A tattered cloak of ebony


by the stars

and the full March moon.

Unveiled, the tributary of the mighty Amazon,

river of the Napo people,


but for the shatter

of the small boat

quietly coursing ahead,

never suggesting the abundance of life

concealed beneath its depths.

Exalted forest fashions shadows,

at this moment in time,

occasioned by flashlights.


At eye level,

buttress roots spread wide,

staunch soldiers

earnest in their mission.

Lianas reach up

with wooden fingers

in communion with arboreal giants.

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