Book Review: I Can’t Find My Flashlight ed. by JK Larkin


Book Review: I Can’t Find My Flashlight-Contemporary Campfire Stories ed. By JK Larkin (Red Penguin Books, 2020)

Love scary stories? With Halloween coming up, there’s nothing like keeping the lights off with burning candles casting spooky shadows and spooky music in the background. This book is filled with some of the scariest stories you’ll ever read. The best part is that these are adult stories—not written for children or the faint of heart!

Topics? Kidnapping by a mysterious man, creepy neighbors, an anti-hero Santa, visits from the Devil, virulent food, ubiquitous street entertainer, evil shape shifters, vengeful souls, roasting souls, and an ominous Ouija board.

Authors? Hayley St. James, Christina Hoag, D E McCluskey, William John Rostron, Christ Kennedy, David Lange, Elaine Donadio, Lisa Diaz Meyer, Alex Grey, Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito.

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Remembering—A 9/11 Tribute

Whenever I see images of what once were the North and South Towers of The World Trade Center, my body reacts with chills and tears. Yes, the spaces are filled with something else, but the spirits of the lost remain. Native New Yorkers can’t forget. I did not lose family or friends that terrible day, but the collective conscience remains strong with the pain of loss experienced by thousands. My prayer for the lost: may eternal light shine upon them ….

I remember my visit to the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan. It was something I wanted to do, but no one wanted to go with me. “Too far,” they said. “Too sad,” they added. “Besides, you can’t park there and I don’t do subways.”

I guess the universe picked up my thoughts. One of my former colleagues soon called me unexpectedly to ask if I was at all interested in visiting the Memorial. I was very thankful for this gift.

We boarded the Express Bus in Queens to the Wall Street area and rode in air-conditioned comfort on a scorching hot day.

At first the memorial seemed disappointing because we kept looking up, expecting to find the exhibits on the upper floors. Instead, we were directed to descend deeper and deeper into the very heart of the earth where the exhibit slowly revealed itself. We walked the same stone steps that led the few lucky survivors to life, and helpless victims to death—the remaining remnants of the stairwells filled with terrified employees rushing down, and brave First Responders confidently moving up.

How many made it out alive to tell their stories? How many left their wallets, shoes, photos, lipstick, handbags, ID cards, and uniform buttons as proof they had once lived? Their bodies somehow missing, only scant possessions remained.

Sad for days, the visions stayed with me—the thwacking sounds as their bodies hit the pavement after jumping out of windows to escape the flames, screams of terror and disbelief, tears of sadness.

I remember.

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I wish you all a life inspired by the wonder of the world around us. May you find and live your truth, in harmony with people, nature and the environment. May you be a force for good and a source of love and comfort. May the world be a better place for you having lived and loved here.

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