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Book Review: Sadie by Courtney Summers- (YA) 5 Stars *****

Book Review: Sadie by Courtney Summers (2018) YA) 5 Stars *****

This book is an important read for women with children at home.

Holy Moly! This story is gut-wrenching like a punch in the heart when you least expect it. The book is half pod cast and half novel. The story unfolds in alternating objective pod cast format and the contrasting first person account as told by the main character, Sadie, a nineteen year old troubled girl living in a trailer park in Cold Creek, Colorado, population 800. Sadie’s thirteen year old sister, Mattie, has been murdered and Sadie knows who did it. Sadie is determined to hunt this guy down and pierce his side with a switch blade. She overcomes a myriad of obstacles to find him. “I’m going to kill a man. I’m going to steal the light from his eyes…” The story with the truth of the situation unfolds slowly.

Sadie’s mother is a deadbeat runaround—alcohol, drugs, party girl, shunning responsibility for her young daughters while bringing a long list of men home and oblivious to what’s going on. In particular, there’s Keith, as he is now calling himself, who poses as a God-fearing stand up guy when he is actually a violent pedophile who has put the moves on Sadie since she was a little girl. Why didn’t she tell her mother? Keith said he’d move on to Mattie if she didn’t keep her mouth shut. Sadie’s mom and Keith break up after he has a chance to turn his attention to young Mattie. Coincidence? As their mom abandons them, Sadie obsessively takes on the role of the caretaker of her little sister, dropping out of high school and hiding their secret from Child Protective Services. Sadie agonizes over her guilt in Mattie’s situation because Sadie refused Keith’s advances when she just couldn’t take anymore. Unfortunately, Sadie knew Keith would go to Mattie but her need to protect herself in that instant overtook her need to protect her sister. The girls are grateful for their next door neighbor and surrogate grandmother, May Beth, who provides them with food, love, and guidance. Sadie has made Mattie her life obsession, but Keith returns to the trailer park years later with intentions of victimizing Mattie. Suddenly, Mattie is dead.

Sadie disappears from the scene. A devastated May Beth enlists the help of the at first reluctant pod cast announcer/ investigator, West McCray, to find the missing Sadie. “I can’t take another dead girl.” May Beth’s words convince West McCray to follow clues across state borders to find Sadie. Sadie uncovers a covert pedophilia group and a conspiracy to help keep Keith’s many false names and identities secret. In the end, Sadie has her wish but the author leaves us with an ambiguous conclusion as to Sadie’s fate. This drove me crazy!

This book is an important read for women who invite men into their homes, especially when children of any age are left alone with these strangers. Of course, this is not true of everyone, but ladies, keep your eyes and ears open. If your kids don’t like the man in your life, they might be hiding things that are too terrible for them to share. Keep the lines of communication open.


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