Basic Review: Maintaining A Healthy Kitchen

Basic Review: Maintaining a Healthy Kitchen

So, here we are again, finding out more ways in which we are sabotaging our health and the health of our families. Every time we think we’ve got it right, along comes another bit of advice that makes us aware of our shortcomings in this area. I wash my fruits and vegetables with soapy water before using, but this is not enough. I promise to make it painless and keep it short and sweet.

The April/ May 2018 issue of Creations Magazine contains an article by Beth Greer “5 Things in Your Kitchen to Avoid to Keep You Healthy”. (Only five, pretty easy, right?)

“Eat organic whenever possible – strawberries and apples are major culprits”

“Forgo Food Additives -like MSG, trans fats(partially hydrogenated oils) artificial food coloring. Food coloring can be hidden in cereals, soft drinks, cakes, cookies, children’s medicines and vitamins.”

“Abolish Artificial Sweeteners – aspartane in NutraSweet, Equal, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, sugar-free gums, candies, yogurts, lo-cal breakfast cereals”

“Choose Filtered Tap Over Bottled Water – which will have less bacteria and chemical contaminants and drink from glass or stainless steel water containers” (This one came as a surprise to me.)

“Replace Plastics – avoid BPA found in many plastics which leaches out from  microwaves, dishwashers, acidic foods, sunlight, or  baby bottle UV sterilizers and found in canned soup, soda cans, cash register and ATM receipts” (Receipts, huh?)

I find it particularly helpful that Ms. Greer gives specific examples of what we should avoid and the sources of the dangers. Imagine going to the precaution of sterilizing an infant’s bottles, only to discover your method is actually harmful? Kids’ vitamins and medicines  loaded with artificial anything is a disgrace. Dangerous canned soup? Yikes! Become a label reader. Talk with your pharmacists, green grocers, supermarket managers, school administrators and make your concerns known. It’s possible they’re unaware. Let’s spread the word. Our health and the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

Please let me know how you do. I’d love to hear from you

I wish you all a life inspired by the wonder of the world around us. May you find and live your truth, in harmony with people, nature and the environment. May you be a force for good and a source of love and comfort. May the world be a better place for you having lived and loved here.

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