Study Guide 4- The Science Project by Elaine Donadio

Chapters 16-20.

Please see my Nov. 2, 2017 blog post for the updated study guide schedule.

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This is the last study guide for The Science Project. Please purchase a copy of The Ocean’s Way to be ready for our next focus book for December.

Kwan Min and Jasmine’s plan has been put into action. Nestor is horrified and never saw it coming. His best friend Phil is embarrassed about Nestor’s recent behavior. Holly still does not punish Nestor, but the others are tired of his antics. All relationships go through a change.


These questions are based on Chapters 16-20.

1.What are the ten most popular pets in the United States? Define habitat. Design and draw a natural habitat for a parakeet, snake, hamster, toad, and cockroach. Which creatures, if any, can live together? Which creature is the most flexible in its habitat choice? Support your answers.

Kwan Min and Nestor are now both in trouble at school. Pretend you are Kwan Min. Tell your parents all about Nestor, his teasing and your plan of revenge. What do you believe their reaction would be after they hear the whole story?

2. Pretend you are Nestor’s mom and pretend Ms. Costa called to tell you about the events of the last few days. Write an email message to your husband in Alaska telling him about Nestor’s recent behavior and what happened at Nestor’s school today.

3. Research the elements of a newspaper article. Answering the questions Who? What ?Why? When? Where? How? write a newspaper article describing the scene in Ms. Costa’s classroom when the toad chased Hector, the cockroach, around the room.

Think about Phil’s recent behavior. Chart the changes in Phil’s attitude toward Nestor showing the cause-effect relationship between Nestor’s actions and Phil’s reactions. Is Phil justified in not always supporting his best friend, no matter what he does? Explain.

Match each character to the adjective that best describes their personality. Give examples to support your choices.

Characters: Nestor, Phil, Kwan Min, Holly, Jasmine

Adjectives: gentle, flexible, immature, straight-thinking, assertive

Analyze the five characters from the story. Design a T-shirt for each character. Include an animal and five adjectives to represent each personality.

Discuss how Kwan Min’s behavior surprised you. Why?

4. Nestor and Phil’s relationship has changed by the end of the book. In your opinion, is it for the better or worse? Compare and contrast their interactions from the beginning, middle and end. Make a judgment call: In what ways might the new terms of their relationship be a healthier outcome? Make a gratitude list for Nestor including at least five things in order of priority with the most important thing at number one.

Write a new ending for the book. Nestor and Kwan Min are in Mr. Christiano’s office. Take it from there. Be sure to include Nestor’s relationship with Kwan Min and Phil. You can include Mrs. Ramirez in the change if you like. You will probably write two chapters to cover the complete ending.

5. Think about a person who constantly teases or bullies you. What steps might you take to change the situation? Which adults and peers can you count on for help? Make a constructive plan of action to help yourself. Research. Analyze. Plan. Do.


Spoiler alert: I will not be providing the answers for the questions. If you’re a serious adventurer, then you will discover the world on your own. Support all your answers with facts found in the book. Seek and you shall find!

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Next: The Ocean’s Way Study Guide 1. See you on Dec. 2, 2017!

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