Study Guide 4: Who Do Voodoo? by Elaine Donadio

Chapters 21-25.

Please see my June 2, 2017 blog post for the updated study guide schedule.

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Phil has discovered the hidden staircase to the basement. Nestor reluctantly follows Phil’s lead. Phil’s happiness in discovering his imprisoned family members is cut short by the arrival of the family of imposters. They demonstrate that they mean business causing Phil’s attitude to change from bravado to fear and regret.


These questions are based on Chapters 21-25.

1. Phil has found the secret passageway to the basement. Phil is acting brave and confident. Nestor goes along, but expresses doubts about their safety. Build a case for Phil’s bold actions, and Nestor’s misgivings. Use facts from the story.

What was The Underground Railroad? List each state in the route. In which states would runaway slaves and conductors most likely and least likely find help? Why? Evaluate the success of this escape system. What influence did Harriet Tubman have on the lives of slaves and on the success of the North during the American Civil War? Pretend you are Harriet Tubman. Send a secret coded message to a loyal contact in the South, describing your latest success in sequestering a slave family on their journey from New Orleans to Ohio.


2. What surprises you about the actions  and behaviors of the family of imposters—Mabel, Sam and Angel? Track their behavior from the beginning to this point in the story.

3. In Chapter 23, Phil and Nestor find Aunt Delphine, Uncle Antoine, and Belle being held prisoners. This chapter does not have a happy ending. Re-write this chapter with an optimistic, but realistic conclusion.

4. In what ways are Aunt Delphine and Uncle Antoine different from the people who are impersonating them? What do their speech patterns and word choices tell us about them?

5. Use your imagination, but be realistic. Predict what might happen next in the story. Who are the characters who might miraculously appear in the nick of time to save the group from a very sad ending? What role might each of them play in the rescue?


Spoiler alert: I will not be providing the answers for the questions. If you’re a serious adventurer, then you will discover the world on your own. Support all your answers with facts found in the book or your own research where required. Seek and you shall find!

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