Study Guide 2: Who Do Voodoo? by Elaine Donadio

Chapters 8-13.

Please see my June 2, 2017 blog post for the updated study guide schedule.

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Phil is hurt and embarrassed by the way he and Nestor are being treated by the St. Pierre family. He doesn’t understand their lack of love and concern and feels like a failure in the role of Icebreaker. Strange things happen and it is clear the boys’ presence is not wanted. Phil and Nestor do some sightseeing and have a wonderful time experiencing new things, and even manage to make a new friend. Phil makes up his mind to devise a plan to get to the bottom of the bizarro world in which he finds himself.


These questions are based on Chapters 8-13.

1. Why do you think Phil is so obsessed with being viewed as a hero? What qualities do heroes have that set them apart from other people? How are heroes generally treated in society? What examples can you think of where people went out of their way to destroy a hero’s life? If you don’t know any real life situations, use movie or TV heroes to answer the question. What conclusions can you make about the problems heroes might face?

2. What beliefs, practices and celebrations are associated with the residents of New Orleans? How are they the same or different from your family’s belief system? What would happen if your family moved to New Orleans? Send an email message to your best friend back home telling about a typical day in your new life.

3. What do the boys learn at Mardi Gras World? What conclusions can we draw from the care and attention that goes in to the Mardi Gras celebration? In your opinion, is it worth all the trouble? Defend your position.

4. The boys make a new friend, Colette, whose father is a detective with the New Orleans Police Department. What part could they play in helping Phil find answers to his questions? Predict some possible events that might occur now that these two characters have been introduced.

5. At this point, what clues do we have that something is very off with Phil’s relatives in New Orleans? Phil wants to stick around until he can get to the bottom of all this strange behavior. To which clues has Phil not paid enough attention? What recommendations can you make to help Phil figure out what’s going on? Why do you believe the St. Pierre family is acting so strangely? Support your answer.



Spoiler alert: I will not be providing the answers for the questions. If you’re a serious adventurer, then you will discover the world on your own. Support all your answers with facts found in the book. Seek and you shall find!

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