Study Guide 3: The Ocean’s Way by Elaine Donadio

Chapters 7-9.

Please see my June 2, 2017 blog post for the updated study guide schedule.

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The girls have gotten past some of the tension they experienced at the beginning of the story. They finally are having fun together. Yay!


These questions are based on Chapters 7-9.


1. Holly is impatient with Jasmine’s fear of water, but Holly decided to have her own fun in the pool. What do we learn about Holly from this? Think about a time when your fear impacted a friend’s good time. What thoughts went through your head? Tell how your friend reacted. What changes did you make in your behavior as a result of this experience?

2. Discuss how the characters begin to loosen up while in Miami, now displaying different sides of their personalities. What do you believe accounts for this change in behavior?

3. Compare and contrast your behavior at school, at home and at different social and public places. What aspects of your personality remain the same? What changes? What would you say to someone who accused you of being phony by acting different ways in different places? What conclusions might be drawn from your analysis in answering these questions?

4. We begin to better understand Holly and Jasmine’s friendship through their interaction at the pool, the hat store and the beach. Describe their relationship. What do you notice about the way they treat each other? How is this the same or different from the beginning of the story? What do we learn about friendship from observing their behavior?

5. When Holly touches the silver dolphin pendant around her neck, what memory is being triggered? What does this tell us about Holly? Pay attention to other times in the story when Holly takes the same action to see if touching the pendant always has the same effect.

What special object in your life gives you the same feelings as Holly’s dolphin pendant gives her? Explain.

If Jasmine were to receive a special pendant to wear around her neck, who would give it her? What would that symbol be? Why?


Spoiler alert: I will not be providing the answers for the questions. If you’re a serious adventurer, then you will discover the world on your own. Support all your answers with facts found in the book. Seek and you shall find!

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Next: The Ocean’s Way Study Guide 4. See you on July 22, 2017!


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