How Our Thoughts Can Become Our Reality

Our thoughts become our reality. Our view of ourselves influences our choices, decisions, goals and actions. That is one of the reasons we should not allow negative, toxic people into our lives (see my December, 2015 blog post). Self-image can be fragile. Concentrate on enhancing the positive, while improving the weaker areas. Not one of us is perfect, but we may feel some are a lot closer to perfect than others. This is us applying our value system to others.

We have the power to raise our estimation of ourself in our own eyes.

Let’s follow some simple steps:

Visualize – Choose 3 things you’d like to change, see yourself at that place                                  1. _________________________________________________                            2._________________________________________________                             3. _________________________________________________

Analyze – Find out what you need to make your vision become reality                        1._______________________________________________                            2_______________________________________________

Investigate – Name available resources that take you closer to your goal                               1.________________________________________________                                   2. _______________________________________________                              3.________________________________________________

Plan – Decide what changes you must make                                                                                      1. ________________________________________________                                    2. ________________________________________________                                  3. ________________________________________________

Mobilize – List what steps you will take immediately to begin your journey                     1._________________________________________________                           2._________________________________________________                          3._________________________________________________

Want some ideas about what to put on your list?

Job? Requirements, licensing, schools, financial aid, location of opportunities.

Dating?  Places to meet, dating websites, personal ads, introductions by friends, family and co-workers.

New home? Costs of purchase or rent, taxes, utilities, job opportunities, quality of schools, public transportation, child care

Diet and Exercise?  Doctor’s test findings, food allergies and sensitivities, appropriate exercise activities for age and physical condition, location and costs associated with spas, gyms, library and community exercise classes, scheduling

This is a short list, but you get the idea. Each of us has a different goal and we might get to the same place on a different path. The idea is to get there. We must consider our family and important relationships, responsibilities and obligations. Weigh the costs. Choose the path that makes the most sense in leading in the direction we wish to go.

As we remain focused on achieving our goals, our attitude about ourself will change. People will react to us differently. We will feel happier. Purpose and focus give us credibility and earn respect.

Remember, what is in our head, becomes our life. Until we achieve what we want, live your intention, not your reality. 

Good luck. Let me know how you do. I’d love to hear from you.

Next week’s blog post: From Brooklyn to Hollywood: How Suzanne Corso Wrote Herself Into A Better Story

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