Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Being mindful of the present moment allows us to value each experience as we live it. We derive enjoyment and appreciation from the present. Putting our full attention on what’s happening now allows us to see the present as the gift it is. No thoughts of paying bills or the grocery list. Just the here and now.

If we don’t learn to keep unrelated events at bay, our lives will seem a jumble of concerns, plans, worries and isolated events without joy or contentment. We must value what’s in front of us. Ordinary circumstances can be as meaningful as the thrilling. If our lives were filled with the extraordinary, these events would soon be viewed as ordinary and in time, their effect on us would decrease. It’s as good as it gets until we make it different by changing our attitudes. Look for the everyday miracles.

Does this mean we shouldn’t be concerned about our futures and the responsibilities to which we are committed? No, absolutely not. It just means not now. Not at the dinner table. Not at the movies. Not during meaningful conversation. Not where family and friends have congregated to celebrate a life event or a milestone.

In the December, 2015 issue of Natural Awakenings Long Island, April Thompson interviewed Sharon Salzberg, “Sharon Salzberg on Mindfulness – Simple Ways to Be in the Present Moment.”

Here’s a summary of the major points expressed by Ms. Salzberg:

*“Mindfulness is the quality of awareness. When we are mindful, our perception of the present moment isn’t so distorted by bias, adding our own storyline to reality and pushing away what’s happening.
*It’s possible to be mindful without a meditation practice, but it is difficult.
*Set aside a structured time to meditate.
*Cut through the momentum and busyness of the day by breathing and pausing before rushing from one activity to another.
*Focus on one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking.
*Use the breath to focus concentration and to remain calm in the face of hostility.
*We can ease suffering by the way we relate to our thoughts and feelings by noticing our reactions and releasing them.
*Meditation teaches us to be present with pleasant, unpleasant and neutral experiences and stay connected, no matter what’s going on.”

Slow it down. Sit quietly and take it all in. Notice the interactions, the ambience, the mood. Add to the conversation. Accept your part in making a successful event for those present. Do not passively wait for others to make it better. Mindfully give what you have to offer. The whole is the sum of its parts. See your place. Add to the positive experience.

Let me know how you do. I’d love to hear from you.

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