May Peace Be With You and With Your Spirit

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

In celebration of the birth of Christ, I pray for peace for all. Not only freedom from war and strife, but peace within our hearts that we may go through life unencumbered by the results of negativity fostered on us by those who lead with Ego.

Our Spirits needs to be nurtured just as our bodies do. When we allow our Egos to lead us, we are filled with negativity. Laughter, purpose, kindness and confidence leave. Doubt, aimlessness, aggression and confusion invade. If Ego has overtaken you, it’s time to get in touch with Spirit to allow yourself and others to live in the Spirit of peace. If we are in the presence of Ego-driven people, we must strive to reinstate the power of Spirit. Staying away from or balancing the negative effects of destructive people will allow us to regain a loving relationship with ourselves.

I just fished reading a beautiful and very helpful book, “The Answer Is Simple…Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit” by Sonia Choquette. In this book I found answers to questions I never even knew I had. The author understands how we fluctuate according to the circumstances in which we find ourselves. She understands the daily effort to stay balanced and recommends relaxation, entertainment, meditation, the company of positive people as just a few ways to strengthen Spirit. Her advice is not to allow our lives to become overwhelmed by work and responsibilities or to allow the Ego-driven unchallenged power over our lives. No, we don’t resort to physical violence. We diminish their power by strengthening ourselves from within, then we embark on a plan of action to protect ourselves and reduce their effect on our psyches.

Ms. Choquette tells us, “Love is broken down into four basic expressions of true Spirit, corresponding to the four chambers of the heart:  the open heart, the clear heart, the wise heart, and the courageous heart… . We can learn how to remove any obstacles to experiencing the deepest level of love for your Divine Spirit and they gain inner peace.”

  • Open Heart – To love yourself and live in Spirit, you must have a heart that’s open. When you do, you’re receptive to the love and goodness of God and life. You see, feel, and attract the positive in the world. You connect with the Spirit of life rather than its drama. Expect and therefore, attract good things. Honor all you receive. Be a worthwhile person.
  • Clear Heart – To have a clear heart means to step away from the confusion and fog of drama and self-pity and look at life without bias. A clear heart allows you to engage in life with objectivity and reason. Do not allow yourself to be the victim of anyone’s behavior. It frees you from absorbing everyone else’s misery and lets you enjoy your peace.
  • Wise Heart – The wise heart is that of your ancient soul, engaging reason and connecting choices and behaviors with consequences and outcomes. It’s the universal heart – the aspect of self-love that moves away from the personal “I” and sees you as part of a greater whole, the human race. The wise heart encourages you to move beyond personal gain and begin to consider the impact of each of your choices on the whole of humanity. This is the heart of self-control on an ego level… . Having wisdom means developing a respectful sensitivity and clear understanding of other people’s rights, too. Simply put, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ That’s it.
  •  Courageous Heart – The courageous heart is the aspect of your authentic Spirit that sticks to your convictions, stands true in the face of fear rather than running away or becoming unconscious, and cherishes self-approval over the approval of others. The courageous heart endows you with the ability to say no when you must; stick up for what you believe in; and face off attack without giving in or acquiescing to what goes against your principles, morals, ethics, or values. It is the heart of strength, and no one can fully self-love and live their Spirit if they lack one. “

Love has many faces and many aspects. Most of us strive to acquire, experience and keep love in our lives. Love of self does not exclude love for others. If we are truly living in Spirit, both aspects strengthen each other.                                                                                

May the Spirit and message of Christmas live in your heart.

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