Don’t Let That Pendulum Swing Too Far!

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Hokey Pokey? No. Keeping balanced. Yes! That’s what it’s all about. Do  you notice when we’re happily preoccupied, other people’s antics don’t bother us so much? These negative behaviors become only one piece of the puzzle. We don’t allow them more attention than they deserve. The idea is not to allow the events of the day to create a yo-yo effect with our emotions.  You’ve heard the expression, “Not my monkeys, not my circus?”  Next time your family, friends or colleagues try to pull you into the chaos that defines their lives, put the craziness in perspective and do not allow it to overtake you. The goal is start each day with the “life is too good to worry about nonsense” feeling and sustain it through the day.

It’s important to ground ourselves when so many forces conspire to throw us off  kilter. You know how it goes, “I was in a good mood until… .” Feeling like a table tennis ball? We all deal with these pings and pongs but we must learn to keep our mental, emotional and physical aspects in good working order so we may keep these exasperations in perspective. Co-worker carrying on because she ALMOST ran over a bird drinking from a puddle in the road? The other one complaining he DIDN’T HAVE ANY CLEAN SOCKS  to wear? Just be grateful these statements don’t describe you and get on with the positive aspects of  your life. (By the way, if these things apply to you, work on developing your positive self. Now! And for heaven sake, take responsibility and get that laundry done!)

How to start each day with a smile? Remind yourself of your value, the value of those in your daily life and your loved ones who may be far away. Let your heart fill with love as you think of each person, and pray for their well-being and for the  souls of those who have passed away. Count your blessings. Review each step you will take today that will take you closer to your goals. Make up your mind to live your best life, albeit others may be making a mess of theirs. We must each choose our own path.

We have a responsibility to our family and loved ones. If we keep our balance, we are in a better position to see the situation clearly and help them develop a course of action. The others must be free to choose the direction of their lives. When and if they are ready, they will look to us as an example. They will seek help and we will be there.

Next week’s blog post: “Follow The Sun!”

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