Blessings Rather Than Curses?

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Most of us wake up in a good mood, ready to face the day with a cheerful smile, only to find the commute to work or school, and the people we deal with in our homes and jobs,  totally suck the life out of us. A negative state is created. Our mood is changed. With scowling faces, we may neglect to greet or we may snap at the “innocent.”  Believing our anger is personally directed at them, we invite bad karma as our negative action creates negative reactions throughout the day, therefore making a bad day even worse. Want to know how to turn this around? Read on.

I’m also struggling to find my balance with negative people and situations. I have chosen to talk to the offender about what’s bothering me and cut off contact or decreased the number of interactions with those who leave me with a bad feeling. Now, there are different people in my life. It works. I feel better.

Last week’s blog post discussed dealing with negativity. Besides walking away or talking it out, we also have the option of sending love. Acting with understanding in turn attracts positive reactions (karma). Am I saying that all people whom you treat with kindness and understanding will return this respect? Absolutely not! We know not all people are as evolved as we are or wish to be, so they run their negative games in an effort to control their realities. They haven’t gotten the message yet and may choose never to live in spirit.

We have the power to choose for ourselves and must not allow their negativity to interfere with who we are and who we wish to be.

Let’s take a look at an article in the August/ September 2015 issue of  Creations Magazine by Selina Maitreya, “Shifting the Story: Opportunities to Grow.” Ms. Maitreya tells us…” we can shift ourselves accordingly, respond to the situation from the energy of tolerance, patience and kindness. We’ve gotten the juice that we needed. We have energized the world in light. We move on and that situation becomes just another piece in the fabric of our life rather than becoming the story that we tell over and over and over and over again… .”

How to do this? Ms. Maitreya tells us, “Aha! This is the moment for me to shift… . Whenever you feel distress simply say, ‘Cancel that.’ This is an opportunity for me to go to love. I choose love… . Shift your perspective… . But, I guarantee you, that as you notice each of your negative responses and say, ‘Cancel that’…and you replace it with a blessing, a blessing for you, a blessing for them, you are creating light. You will feel lighter… . There’s more positive wonderful energy to create… .”

We now realize that our peace is disturbed when we concentrate on the negative behavior of others. The idea is to see it in perspective. It shouldn’t become our focus, but only a part of the mosaic that comprises our lives.

Of course, some situations are more terrible others, so we can’t expect to  put someone cutting you off in traffic on the same level with personal betrayal and extreme abuse. The idea is to learn to let go, so the horrible event does not have the power to consume and destroy who you are and who you want to be.

Sometimes, the road to self-discovery with its inner peace and enlightenment is paved with brick walls and falling rocks. We must remember, we have the power to choose our realities by our decisions and paths we take. Sweep away the debris and stay focused. If you need help along the way, reach out. Often, an answer is only a request away.

Let me know how you do with these suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.

Next week’s blog post: Finishing Before Starting.

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