Advisors – How They Expand Or Limit Our Realities

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Remember when you were a child, and you just knew to ask either mommy or daddy for something because you had them pegged just right as to which one would say yes?  Even at that young age we realized our lives would take a certain direction depending on whom we approached. It’s time to utilize that strategy in our adult worlds. Whom we ask for advice influences our futures!

I just finished reading an interesting article, “Little Choices” by Jeff Cannon in the August/ September 2015 issue of Creations Magazine. According to the author, we make many little decisions each day that alter the course of our lives. If we choose authentically, we can stay on course to avoid the distractions our minds create. For example, instead of pursuing goals which may lead to success, however we define it, we become news, cell phone or social media junkies. We spend more time on other people’s lives than our own.  So we’re busy all day, but more accurately, on a treadmill, passing time but never moving ahead.

It got me thinking. Our life’s choices  are influenced by the neighborhoods in which we live, the schools we attend, the people we admire and choose to emulate, the organizations to which we belong, the friends we keep and the influences we seek outside our immediate circles. Each of the preceding factors offers its own advice and its own set of rules for acceptance. If we change any of these factors, our options increase. We’re no longer limited to this or that, but now have this, this or that and that to consider.

If we pull our backs out, we seek help but each person we approach offers a different solution. The medical doctor suggests some type of drug, the chiropractor suggests massage, steam heat and cracking the back for realignment, the orthopedic surgeon wants to operate, your best friend suggests yoga to unkink your kinks, your neighbor suggests ignoring the problem until it goes away on its own. Which path to take? If you only approached one person, you might accept there is only one way to handle the situation. Now, you see the many options and look within yourself for the correct answer for you. We all do not come to the same conclusion and this is where we follow our own truths. Having many options only confuses at the beginning. As we take the time to investigate and deliberate, we eliminate what doesn’t make sense for us. That’s what being authentic is all about.

If we keep our minds open, we can learn an alternate approach. We are not required to follow this, but it makes sense to consider it as a tool for furthering our personal plans.

Set a goal, then list the steps that take you closer to the goal. Each day, do one thing from that list. Feel confident and proud. You are accomplishing goals as you set out to do. Some goals are long-term, some are short-term, but they are all valid. To paraphrase a Chinese saying, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take that step. Then the next.

So, we understand that different people and places offer different perspectives. If we want to change or grow, look outside ourselves for possibilities, then look inside ourselves to make the final decision.

Please let me know how you do. I’d love to hear from you.

Next week’s blog post will be, “How To Protect Yourself In Negative Situations.”

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