One Person, One Experience At A Time

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Just in case you thought you’re perfectly fine the way you are, think again. The world constantly changes and we must change with it if we are to live in harmony in body, mind and spirit. Please remember, our powers come from God. Metaphysical ideas do not negate God, but rather, reinforce our commitment to be our best selves as God’s creation. Understanding the New Reality helps us in our path to self-discovery. Let’s take a look at an interesting article which adds clarity to our quest.

The June/July 2015 issue of Creations Magazine ran an interesting article by Owen K. Waters, “Ten Principles for the New Awareness.” Simple, yet profound, you’ll think, hey, yeah, I knew that.

  • All Is One – We are expressions and aspects of Infinite Being.
  • Transformation – We change the world as we bring about spiritual change within ourselves as we share who we are and who we have become.
  • Purpose In Life – Our purpose is to experience life as individuals as different viewpoints of the Infinite Being.
  •  Reflectance – We reap what we sow (karma) by creating a pattern of thought that attracts ever-changing like experience to itself.
  • Self-Responsibility – We create our own realities and must take responsibility.
  • Life After “Death” – Our spirit bodies move to the joy and healing of spirit realm.
  • Reincarnation – This allows us to gain life skills as we gain experience.
  • Truth Is Everywhere – We learn our inner truth from a variety of sources.
  • Unconditional Love – Acceptance and respect for those different from us puts our awareness on a higher level as we recognize their spiritual light.
  • Inner Connection And Insight – Connect with our spiritual source by developing intuition which provides essential insight into life’s experiences.

You can clearly see that we must stop along the way on our spiritual path to be kind and respectful to others. If we want to improve ourselves and the world, we accomplish this one person and one experience at a time. By doing this, we influence people’s reactions to us, thereby attracting positive outcomes. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

If these ideas don’t resonate with you, keep looking. You’ll find your answers.

Please let me know how you do. I’d love to hear from you.

Next week’s blog post: “Good Karma With Fruits and Vegetables From Your Garden.”

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