Technology Is a Tool, Not A Best Friend!

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I look around and see people are alone, lonely and afraid even when surrounded by friends and family. They carry their past. They isolate themselves from those who are present in their lives. Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at a table of friends or a family unit at a restaurant. How many are talking within the group? How many are texting outside the group? Get my point?

Why do young people  go to online dating sites to find a life partner instead of interacting at a restaurant, bar, cafe or a party?  Why do bachelors and bachelorettes need to go on national TV to find a mate as the audience waits for the big decision with bated breath?

How about those virtual job interviews?

Too many in our society are more comfortable typing on a keyboard than speaking with live humans.  Technology is a tool, not a best friend!

We’ve become a society of texters, rather than minglers. So many ignore the people who are in their present to communicate with those who are in their past experience. They grasp at private realities. I believe people who do this feel isolated, lacking the self-esteem and sense of self necessary to shed their security blankets. What security blanket? The cell phone that connects you to a live person with a barrier in between. The barrier that hides your facial expression, tone of voice and body language. The barrier that prevents you from living in the present as you cling to the past.

A too strong connection to the past interferes with your present and limits your future. Live in your present. Feel secure. Don’t be afraid. It is, after all, a gift.

Talk to your friends, pay your bills, check your emails when you get home. Enjoy the now.

You cannot evolve without human interaction. You cannot impact the world if your sociability begins and ends with a technological tool.

Put those phones down!

Next week’s blog post: “One Person, One Experience At A Time”

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