Walk Your True Path

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

A lack of “self” contributes to many ills of society. Anti-social behaviors, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and aggression come from learned behaviors but also from a lack of personal focus and purpose. Finding your true self is never easy. We must brush away cobwebs, peer pressure and expectations, old habits and fears. The higher “self” teaches us to encourage, build and share.  Young people can also make this journey. Maybe you know someone who might benefit from these ideas. Please keep in mind, the path to self-discovery is never in contradiction to God, but rather, an affirmation of God in His goodness.

I’m always on the search for enlightened authors who offer guidance to aid us in our journeys to self-discovery. The June/July 2015 issue of Creations Magazine ran an excellent article by Salena Migeot, “Walk Your True Path.” Not all ideas resonate with all people. When exposed to a variety of thoughts, we can choose which truths we find easiest to accept, live and share. Since our journeys are personal, our truths are also personal. Here’s another perspective to consider.

Let’s take a look at what Salena Migeot teaches us. “Much of what you experience will be counter to what you believe is possible …As such, normal will come to mean average, as the meaning of normal in relation to abnormal will no longer apply. Much that is currently considered abnormal will become quite commonplace. ..You will understand that you have been led to believe many things that actually are not as they appear.”

Migeot Tells Us

* We are free beings.

*You would freely give whatever you had knowing that God is the source of all abundance and when you give with love, you simply allow yourself to receive more.

*When you use your power in ways that do not serve the good of all, you are not practicing right stewardship of your God-given gifts.                                                                                        

*You can create your desired reality when you bring God as Creator into every plan, purpose, intention, visualization and affirmation.                                                                            

*Do not think in limited ways that God is too great and powerful to attend to your wishes. If you live by that belief, you are choosing to keep God distant from you.                                    

*The word “success” is for you alone to define for yourself.

*Be at peace in your heart, in your mind, and with the world and you are successful.

Migeot adds, “To find your true path, think about what brings you the most joy, what inspires you, and what you would do tirelessly without pay just for the experience or for the joy it brings you.”

Salena Migeot, who does channeled readings, is an Energy Medicine and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Email her at Salenam2@msn.com with “Guides” in the subject line for the free “A Message From Your Guides” emails. Email her or call 201-314-6960 for readings.

N.B. …I do not have any connection to or personal knowledge of Ms. Migeot or her powers and abilities. I am passing on information found in her article. If you do have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

Next week’s blog post: “Technology Is A Tool, Not A Best Friend!”

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