Is Your Ego In The Way of Self-Discovery?

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Ego is a bad thing. Or is it? It’s what makes us feel superior and proud, but also spurs us on to maintain high standards. It’s what makes us separate from others, but propels us into becoming the people we want to be. It’s what makes us compete for excellence, but encourages us to operate at our highest levels. Ego can present obstacles to the  self-discovery journey. How does ego differ from calling? My blog posts of July 11 and July 18 discuss self-discovery guidelines and obstacles respectively. Today, we’ll discuss how ego can get in the way.

The April, 2015 issue of Brickell Magazine        ( Miami) ran an enlightening article by Francesca Cruz, “An Ode To Revelations, Realizations & Revving Up.” Ms. Cruz tells us, “Humanity is what connects us and bonds us; ego is what builds up walls; and it feeds off fear, insecurity, neediness, entitlement and anxiety.”

Psychologist turned investor, Shelley Prevost describes it this way, “Your ego and your “calling” in life can look surprisingly similar. Both pull you toward the realization of your desires; both can completely consume your waking- and sometimes sleeping – hours with frenetic thoughts and sparks of brilliance. They can also manifest similar outcomes -money, fame and power. And they can both leave you exhausted.” Now I get it.

Want to know if it’s your ego or your “calling” that motivates you? Read on to see what Ms. Provost has to say.

It’s Ego When…

*Anxiety Is Stimulated                                                                                                                         *It Consumes Your Energy                                                                                                         *Constant Validation Is Required                                                                                                    *It Feels Entitled                                                                                                                                  *It’s Selfish and Primarily Concerned With Maintaining Identity

Author Steven Pressfield tells us, “Everyone has a calling…it’s like a secret in the heart…there are tricks to finding out what that secret is.” Read on to find Mr. Pressfield’s method to unlock the secret.

 To find your calling, ask yourself the following questions:

*If fear or money were not a factor, what would I do?                                                                     *If I had only 3 months left to live, how would I want to spend the remainder of my life?

Now we have a roadmap for the journey of self-discovery. They’ll be bumps, potholes and detours in the road. Keep going and you’ll reach your final destination. Take time to gas-up. Stop for a snack. Smell the roses. Part of the fun is in the getting there. Really.

Please send me a postcard along the way. I’d love to hear about your journey.

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