Self-Discovery : Miami Style

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

The April, 2015 issue of Brickell Magazine ( Miami) ran an interesting article by Francesca Cruz, “An Ode To Revelations, Realizations & Revving Up (pp. 102-106). I like the clear-cut, right to the point style. The path to self-discovery is never easy, so I am always interested in anything that points me in the right direction. Hopefully, you’ll also find your truth as we make this journey together.

I decided to break it down in a series of blog posts to communicate what I learned. Today’s focus is how the author of the article, Francesca Cruz found her calling. We can use this as a springboard. These are Francesca’s truths so they may or may not be yours. See what resonates with you. Think. Write it down. Change it as you evolve.

Francesca Cruz’s Authentic Path To Self-Discovery

* Recognize the calling to research, experience and communicate from an objective place without judgment while remaining playful and full of wonder about life through writing and interactions.

* Understand the deep need to travel and see the world. If not done regularly, a feeling of imbalance results.

* Fulfill the need to learn and experience something new on a monthly basis to maintain a level of happiness.

* Observe the obligation to self to maintain a standard of movement along with meditation and journaling to center the soul.

* Nurture the duty to express the self and to give love to everyone.

These are Francesca’s passions which she recognizes as her calling. We share many of these goals, although I may not have expressed them with the same words. Notice how her work is not the goal, but how writing is the vehicle that moves her on her journey. Maybe you can re-examine your work to see how it helps you attain a personal goal or fulfill a passion. Work can be a vehicle, not only an end in itself.

Good luck making your list of passions and authentic goals. Write down what you feel, not what you think you should say. I’ll add more food for thought next week. Let me know how you do. I’d love to hear from you.

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