From Russia With Love – They’re Back!

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

At the beginning of Nelson DeMille’s latest book, “Radiant Angel,” the main character, John Corey muses…”A soft breeze fluttered the white, blue, and red Russian flag in front of the U.N. Mission. I remember when the Soviet hammer and sickle flew there. I kind of miss the Cold War. But I think it’s back.” Oh, yeah! Heard the news lately?

You might think Nelson DeMille is prescient-writing about world events that come to pass after his books are published. Or, some people have even suggested that he gives ideas to terrorists. In fact, DeMille is a literary commentator on American policies and decisions that just don’t make sense.

Radiant Angel tells the story of a highly placed Russian maniac, who comes from a family of highly placed Russian maniacs, who attempts to smuggle  “suitcase bombs”  – miniature nukes –  into New York Harbor with the intention of blowing the island of Manhattan to smithereens, thereby wrecking the US and world economies for decades to come. The clincher is the Russian uses the hull of an oversized pleasure yacht owned by an unsuspecting Saudi prince for his diabolical ruse. The blame would squarely go to the Saudis, instead of the Russians. Sounds like a plan, right?  BUT they didn’t count on John Corey and friends.

How is this even possible? Radioactivity, i.e., nuclear bombs, cannot be detected under water. The Italians have come up  with a ship design allowing amphibious crafts to enter huge, privately owned yachts through a “garage door” in the hull that fills with water to allow easy docking, disembarking and storage within the yacht.  These crafts no longer need to be stored on deck. Hence, anything inside the water-flooded hull cannot be detected.  Yes, this really does exist.

Nelson DeMille remains one of my all-time favorite authors. I’ve gone to book signings at Book Revue in Huntington Village (Long Island), listened to him discuss his books, how he researches and where he gets his ideas. These ideas come from real life – research and interviews with New York City police and task forces, bomb squads along with CIA, FBI and the State Department.

Nelson DeMille is a New York/ Long Island native and resident. He tells it like it is. What separates him from those who have opinions on everything but knowledge of nothing? DeMille knows his stuff.

He gathers information from his sources, uses it in his plots and watches it happen in real life. DeMille is able to form conclusions from the facts – an ability that eludes the people who run the American government. They’re so busy being politically correct and full of appeasement they turn a blind eye to half of what’s going on in the world, even when it impacts the US directly and indirectly.

Our politicians are busy watching the Middle East while a newly resurgent Russia exerts its influence around the world.  We have a chaotic, duplicitous  Middle East, an increasingly more powerful, amoral  China whose middle class has increased in proportion to the decrease of the American middle class and whose tainted medicines and baby food, etc. flood our markets and then our government considers having them build our fighter jets for our soldiers and of our country’s defense, and a stealthy North Korea.  Let’s not forget the Middle Eastern countries who are unwilling (pretending to be unable) to fight the terrorists who invade their countries, take over their governments, torture, kill and terrorize their people and wait for the US to send in troops and arms so their people can turn on the American soldiers using our own guns and artillery against the very people who are sent there to protect them. Is everybody crazy?

In his book, “The Lion” a terrorist uses an airplane to begin his plot against the United States. Memories of 9/11? Yes, the book was published first, but the ideas came from research. Terrorists chatter and interviews with contacts in the government agencies revealed this information. DeMille acted on this information by writing a book. The American government ignored it. Get the picture?

Whose fault is this? It’s the other guy. Each department blames the other. Information is not shared within the CIA, FBI and State Department. Let’s not even talk about the Benghazi fiasco. Incompetence or ego? Misplaced trust or sabotage? According to DeMille, only NYPD works cooperatively within its ranks and with the Coast Guard and other local agencies. Maybe the pols in Washington DC should ask the New York City police for plans and solutions. Or maybe, ask Nelson DeMille. If he can figure it out, what’s wrong with the other guys?

Too much country-clubbing and  too many cocktail parties? Too many encounters in Men’s Rooms and with nubile interns? Too much sexting of body parts? Too many all-expense paid trips? Too much filibustering and not enough action? Too much media coverage and not enough accountability?

I don’t get it. Who said people entrusted with the security of our country and the safety and well-being of our citizens are entitled to non-stop fun? We all complain about the people who govern us, but what do we really do about it? Voting allows us to choose the lesser of the evils and that’s what it boils down to.

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