Love Advice From Joan Rivers To Melissa – Part 3

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

*** Part 1 of this series appears in my May 23 blog post  and Part 2 in my May 30 blog post. ***

Love advice from Joan Rivers? You can just imagine!

Joan Rivers will always be at the top of my favorite entertainers list along with Don Rickles, I have spit out what I was drinking and doubled over in laughter with both of these comedians. No one else comes close. Now, Joan is gone. Before her time. It didn’t have to happen and it shouldn’t have happened. But it did.

I read “The Book of Joan” by Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers. Melissa’s writing style is a lot like her mother’s delivery. Punchy, pointed comments. No holds barred. Melissa is not as funny as her mother, but humorous nevertheless.

I always thought a celebrity’s private persona would be different from the public. Not the case with Joan Rivers. Can you imagine listening to her one-liners all day? Poor Melissa. That’s how she grew up. All day. Every day.

Exactly what kind of advice did Joan give Melissa, her only child, on dating and marriage?

Joan’s Gems – Part Three

Dating Tips Joan Gave Melissa

  • Take breath mints with you.
  • Always have lipstick, powder and a mirror in your purse.
  • Never pick up the check. You have the vagina, he has the wallet. He pays.
  • Let him open the door for you.
  • Never give it up on the first date. Once you do, you give away your power.
  • Never carry condoms. Those are his responsibility.
  • Make sure he’s straight. Gay men make great BFFs but lousy boyfriends.
  • Google him before you do him. Wives and kids in nine different states? Wanted by the FBI, CIA, Interpol and ISIS?

It sounds a little like a comedy routine, doesn’t it?  Joan’s point of view served her well in her career. I have the feeling she would have been the same whether or not she was a famous comedian. Melissa would have laughed at her jokes all by herself. Most of the time, anyway.

What do you think? Agree with? Disagree with? Let me know.

See you next week at my June 13 blog post “Joan Rivers’  Life Advice-Univ. of Penn. Commencement 1989.”

See you then!

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