A Global Shout-Out : In Celebration of May Day

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

On May 1, both the advent of spring and workers are celebrated in many places in the world. Happy May Day, especially to my international readers!

Today, I wish to say hello to my readers in the United States and around the world. I appreciate your interest in my blog posts. I’d love to hear from you. I notice people from different countries have their favorites. Let me know what you enjoy reading about and, who knows? Maybe, you’ll find a blog post dedicated to you?

                                               Shout – Outs

Hey, Australia!             Hey, Brazil!      Hey, Canada!          Hey, Gibralter!

Hey, India!     Hey, Italy!     Hey, Norway!       Hey, Peru!

Hey, Philippines!       Hey, Qatar!          Hey, Russia!         Hey, Saudi Arabia!

Hey, Singapore!                   Hey, South Africa!                  Hey, Switzerland!

Hey, United Kingdom!                        Hey, United States!

I appreciate you and value your interest. You’re in my heart.

Have a beautiful day!

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