Test Prep For Kids – Author’s Purpose

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Ready for some test prep questions to gauge your kids’ reading comprehension? Try this.


                       Author’s Purpose


            A purpose is a reason for doing something. Authors want to inform us, entertain us or persuade us (change our minds about doing something). Authors always have a purpose for writing.


Just like you, dolphins like to play. They do flips. They leap out of the water into the air. Young dolphins play together for hours. Dolphins have a school just like you. A school is what you call a group of dolphins that travel together. More than 1,000 dolphins can travel in the same school.


!. Why did the author write this story?


  1. Tell two things you learned from the story:






  1. Write a sentence to change my mind about dolphins.



  1. Write an entertaining story about a dolphin. Try to make me laugh. Include real facts from the story.




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