Protecting Harry the Heron

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Last week’s blog post dealt with my memories of birds and other tree-living creatures (squirrels). I only touched on my frustration with protecting Harry the Heron, one of my prized decorative possessions strategically placed on my terrace amidst the silk flowers and greenery which allows the beauty of the outdoors to flourish with zero maintenance. Are you horrified? Remember, silk flowers do not attract bees! Also, they do not dry up in the constant southeast sun. So, there! Springtime is an especially dangerous time for Harry. Pigeons love to use his dried moss for nest-building. Little do they care that they are pecking away at his very existence. After all, what good is a wire heron once his decorative coat of moss is removed, leaving his wire skeleton open to the world? I spritz Harry with water a few times a week to encourage his moss to turn green after its winter hiatus. This is when I check for damages. If I’m lucky, I will find pieces of moss clumped together where a nest builder has inadvertently dropped them. I snatch them up and stick them back into Harry’s skeleton, sometimes using the point of a pen to anchor the strands. I move Harry back and forth from the sun to the shade because I haven’t figured out his perfect environment yet. Right now, he’s lying across the threshold of my sliding glass door so I can spot any pigeons who have invaded our territory. My trusty stick is right next to the door so I can emerge as a protector. Although their wings don’t make a whole lot of noise, their incessant cooing gives them away immediately. They’s almost get away with their stealth caper if they learned to shut up. But pigeons can’t figure that out,  and that suits me just fine. I wish all my readers a very blessed and Happy Easter and a Happy Passover or a very happy whatever holiday you may be celebrating this weekend. Enjoy your time with your family and friends. These memories are precious and should be held dear. © 2015 All rights reserved.


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