An Interview With God – A Perspective

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

With so much religious dissension in the world, it may be time to view life through another person’s eyes. If you live in a spiritually or physically barren wasteland, your view of the world is limited to your surroundings and what is known to you. It might be difficult for you to know and understand God through the beauty and order of the natural world. Your spirit may not be uplifted in the midst of desolation.  The absence of edifying structures and natural formations might reinforce the idea that God, like the world in which you live, is barren, punishing and unforgiving. Perhaps this is why you look forward to death – so that you may experience the beauty and peace that is out of your grasp in life.

Meanwhile, others enjoy God’s gifts of the beauty of the natural world on a daily basis. They don’t rush towards death because their lives are filled with hope and love. God is present in their lives and His presence is a comfort, not a call to arms.

Watch this video to change your lens.

Do you feel different? Did your mind wander into a mediation? Do you feel secure in God’s love? Are you more at peace with yourself and the world?

I’d love to hear your comments. Please join the discussion.

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