The Untethered Soul

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a firm believer in analyzing what makes a book, movie, play, etc. excellent and/ or popular. Today’s focus is “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. It seems I’m in a spiritual mood lately. When I look around and try to understand the prison people make for themselves and how they get in their own way, it reminds me to take stock of my situation and shake myself out of any inertia I’m experiencing. I’m sure we all know people who paint themselves into a corner, then stay there forever thinking the paint is wet and worrying about the consequences of paint on the bottom of their shoes or leaving footprints in the wet paint, never accepting that it all can be cleaned and repainted from the corner out, so nothing is lost except a little extra time spent on removing themselves from the self-imposed prison.

This book addresses self-defeating beliefs. After you read this you’ll think, “I knew that. It makes perfect sense,” but yet we need to see it in writing to remind us of what we intrinsically know to be true, but tend to forget. Let’s take a look at some key points.

* To Which Self Should You Be True? – The Id, Ego or Superego? All three aspects blame each other for what goes wrong. It’s self-defeating. Stop doing it.

* We Are Not Our Inner Voices – We use this voice to find ourselves but its talk is meaningless since it presents all sides so we control and filter  our own reality.

* We See The Disturbance, But We Are Not The Disturbance – We must change our frame of reference so we can let go of the part of us that sees it as a problem. Give it a body, put it on the couch and look at it.

* Our Names Are Our Labels, Not Who We Are – We sit in the seat of consciousness of who we are. We must control our inner voice so it stops bothering us. Seeing and hearing must be synchronized. Meditate.

* Energy Centers Can Be Blocked By Opening & Closing  – We’re filled with energy called “spirit” which needs openness to survive and can be controlled to bring more love to the system.

* We Are The Experience of Our Hearts – Experiences stimulate us but can get stuck. Energy must keep moving to create a stable unit. Remain open.

* We Must Transcend The Tendency Towards Closing – Free ourselves from the scared person who worries about being hurt or disturbed so we may achieve spiritual growth.

* Fear Is Our Lowest Vibration – Allow the heart to feel the pain, then  immediately let go of it or we will lose clarity.

* Always look Up, Never Look Down  – Transcend.

* Success Makes a Healthy Psyche – We are the consciousness behind our minds.

* Don’t Allow Situations From The Past To Form Walls – Go beyond comfort zones.

* Awareness Is The Way Out – Don’t cling to the past. Don’t allow events to define us. We are not our bodies, thoughts or feelings but the consciousness who experiences these things.

* Being Happy Is a Choice – Meditate and let go.

* Use Life Experiences To Evolve Spiritually –  Relax and release.

* Let The Knowledge That Death Is Inevitable Let You Live Life To The Fullest

* Strive To Achieve The Dao, The Place Of Balance In Perfect Harmony

* The Spirit Is The Doorway To God – God’s love is unconditional. Believe this.

So, what do you think? The next time life bombards you with what seems to be insurmountable aggravation, can you take those problems, put them on the couch and look at them as entities outside of yourself, give them a good talking to and move on? Please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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