10 Things I Love About South Florida

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I consider myself lucky to be able to travel to Florida a few times a year. Winters in New York are too harsh for my taste and I welcome any reprieve from the cold. The Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year  season can be cold and rainy in Florida. I’ve been there wearing  winter boots, woolen sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves with teeth chattering, running into the car, store or someone’s home for relief from the elements. Miami summers are hot and steamy, but who cares? Their air conditioners are cranking.

South Florida delivered during the 2014 holiday season with daytime temps in the mid 80’s. Pool and beach weather every day. Outdoor dining at night. Oh, yeah!  It’s a happy to be alive feeling.

Some of my favorite things about South Florida in no particular order?

1. Great Restaurants – Miami-Dade has this tied up. Everything is delicious in all price ranges. Even the few chain restaurants have the highest quality food in Miami. Also, try any of Vignetto’s locations in Fort Lauderdale. By the time you get to Boca, you’re eating a lot of commercial chain food. Go south, foodies!

2. Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami – Orchestra tickets for “Book of  Mormon for $125 on a Saturday night. True, the Broadway run is for the two weeks before the Christmas tourists get there, but hey, with the price of an off-peak airline ticket, it’s still adds up to less than in NYC.

3. Dog Walks – I don’t even have a dog but I appreciate this perk. Condos, parks, etc. have dog runs with little plastic pooper-scooper bags that give new meaning to “doggie bag.”  And yes, the dog owners use them.

4. Dog Beaches and Parks –  It’s the cutest thing to see the dogs at the dog beaches. In Hollywood, for example, even though there are time restrictions, you’ll see the dogs playing tag and the sporting dogs swimming and frolicking in the waves. Dog parks have a playground atmosphere. Cute and healthful for canines and humans.

5. Miami Seaquarium, Biltmore Hotel, Vizcaya, Venetian Pool – One of a kind experiences.

6. Aventura Mall– This is one place I visit whenever I’m in Miami. The largest mall in Florida and the fifth largest in the country, this mall boasts great department stores, specialty shops, a multiplex movie theater, and loads of great restaurants. Their food court has food that ranges from very good to outstanding.

7. Star Island Boat Tours – A fun, comfortable way to get a water view of the Miami skyline and the homes of  celebrities.

8. Art Deco Buildings in South Beach – I’m a huge fan of this unique architecture. Beautiful.

9. Free Neighborhood Shuttle Buses – Many areas have these for residents and visitors. There’s an extensive public bus system, also,  so you can get around without a car. Close your eyes to the traffic. The road congestion is not to be believed.

10.Health Consciousness & Nature & Environmental Awareness  – You can sit outside at restaurants, on your terrace, in the park throughout the year, albeit, every day is not an outdoor day. Walking, outdoor sports fill the days and nights. Try the Don Soffer three mile fitness trail in Aventura. Restaurants know to leave out the salt, fat and cholesterol. Preservation of nature, habitats and environment is a state-wide effort.

I’m not sure I’d want to live there, but it’s a great place to visit!

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