From Williamsburg to The High Line

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!


I’ve decided to do some reviews of places of interest in and around New York City in my blogs. Our beautiful Fall weather propels me to enjoy the great outdoors. Unlike the winter when I hide at home as much as possible, or the summer when I’m content to stay  outside in the shade or inside with the air conditioner and a cool drink, Fall in New York City  makes me want to go, go, go!

Today’s focus is on the trendy Williamsburg section of Brooklyn which is a hop, skip and a jump on the L train to the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan and the popular High Line. Let’s not forget the ferry to Manhattan. It makes a great day trip combination.

Let’s start in Williamsburg.

Grab brunch or lunch at Radegast Hall & Biergarten on N. 3rd St. where you can get beer, cocktails, a great giant soft pretzel appetizer and grilled sausages. You can enjoy other dishes from the menu such as ricotta lemon pancakes or quiche which are both delicious as well a non-brunch items that are also reasonably priced.

Take a walk next door to Mast Brothers artisanal chocolate factory store also on N. 3rd St. I purchased a five bar gift pack with chocolate flavors such as Belize, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea and Brooklyn Blend. The aroma of chocolate is overpowering and to die for. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, go in and inhale. Your nose will thank you.

Next door to the chocolate shop, Egg is a notable small, crowded, trendy place for breakfast with lines out the door and a waiting list. I never went in, but people wait in line so it must be good, but in my mind an egg is an egg is an egg. I prefer the beer garden, but that’s me.

Walk over to Bedford Avenue  (the main street filled with restaurants and shops). On the corner of Bedford & N.4th you’ll find the Bedford Cheese Shop. True, it doesn’t smell as good as Mast Brothers, but the cheese is high quality and delicious. Your palate will thank you.

On the same side of the street is Whisk, a kitchen gadget shop. I purchased a white ceramic egg tray there which makes the inside of my refrigerator look pretty – not to mention that it’s serviceable and practical.

On the opposite side of Bedford Avenue you will find Norbu , which sounds like a sushi restaurant but is a jewelry store that carries pricey but unique costume and delicate jewelry. Definitely worth a look.

Heading to N. 7th St., you’ll find the Bedford Avenue stop on  the L train . With generations of New York City grime, you can step back in history and walk into the station even if you’re not taking the train.

Before we head over to Manhattan, let’s talk about two hotels in the neighborhood.

The Wythe Hotel on N. 11th St. & Wythe Avenue is a trendy hotel with a rooftop terrace bar and the restaurant. Directly across the street on Wythe is the Brooklyn Bowl with a crowded bar scene, black leather couches, a stage for performers and happening vibe. Around the corner on N. 11th is the famous Brooklyn Brewery which gives tours and its beer garden is open on weekends.

Another trendy hotel located at N. 12th St. overlooking McCarren Park, is the King & Grove Williamsburg which offers a small bar, pastries in the lobby and an outdoor saltwater pool.

Let’s walk back on crowded Bedford Ave. dodging strollers, families with young children and the many tourists who flock to this unique neighborhood. Take the L train to the last stop – Eighth Ave. at 14 Street (Chelsea) then walk west towards 10th Ave. and the river.

Chelsea is a trendy area in Manhattan. When you go there, you’ll understand why. Not only is it charming, but this area has great restaurants and bars, Chelsea Market and the High Line.

The High Line is a 1.45 mile long park converted from the no longer used section of the New York Central Railroad. Located about 3o feet above street level, running from 12th St. to 34 St. between 10th & 12th Avenues, this paved walkway takes about 3 hours round trip. The high winds whip around so hang on to your hats. You must take stairs to get there but elevators are also available at 14 St., 23 St., 29 St., and 34 St.  Stairway entrances are also scattered along the park. There’s a small play area for young children midway. Buildings are close with a number of old and new constructions literally adjacent to the High Line. The great thing about walking on this extremely crowded path is that bicycles, skates and skateboards are not allowed. Hooray! None of those Brooklyn Bridge rage-filled bicyclists.

There’s also ferry service from New Jersey and a helipad at 30th Street.

Of course, there are numerous restaurants and stores along the way once you exit the High Line. My favorite is the Standard Hotel on Washington St. near 14th St. Not only is this an absolutely gorgeous hotel, but it boasts an outdoor Biergarten, an outdoor restaurant, indoor restaurants and lounges. Sophisticated. Chic. Think Miami.

You can head back to the L train now, unless you started in Manhattan and worked backwards. Let me know how you enjoyed your day. I’d love to hear from you.

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Watch this video to take a walk through Williamsburg.                              

Watch this video to walk on the High Line .                                                                       


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  1. Elaine Donadio Writes
    Nov 15, 2014 @ 09:11:21

    Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Do they offer samples at the chocolate or cheese shops?



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