Visiting Brooklyn Heights

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve decided to do some reviews of places of interest in and around New York City in my next few blogs. Our beautiful Fall weather propels me to enjoy the great outdoors. Unlike the summer when I’m content to stay  outside in the shade or inside with the air conditioner and a cool drink, Fall in New York City  makes me want to go, go, go.

I’m going to start this adventure with my visit to the very trendy Brooklyn Heights. Traffic and traffic circles combined with droves of people greet visitors as they exit from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway looking for street parking and parking lots. Better to take the subway. If you do take your car, get away from that crazy area to the quieter Henry St. neighborhood where you can park your car on the street in front of beautiful Brooklyn brownstones which give this area much of its flair.

We parked off Henry St. and walked towards the restaurants. There are so many from which to choose. After an earlier online search, we headed to Noodle Pudding, an Italian restaurant that does not take credit cards and had a 40 minute wait.

Way too hungry and impatient for that scene, we walked a few restaurants away to Henry’s End. We lucked out and happen to walk in when someone else was leaving. Wow! We loved it. The restaurant is known for its game: duckling, antelope, boar, rabbit, venison, etc. There’s also a special Game Week (no, not football) when these and other dishes are available. I ordered the duckling, brussel sprouts and a delicious red wine from Ohio. Yes, Ohio. Who knew?

After dinner, we headed back to the crazy Old Fulton St. area.

We walked over to the East River Ferry at Old Fulton & Furman. You can take the ferry across the East River to the Wall St. Pier 11 area or you can travel upriver to south and north Williamsburg, Long Island City and Greenpoint  in Queens and on to 34 St. in Manhattan.

After investigating the ferry and the beautiful River Cafe ( which is where I’d like to eat on my next trip), we headed back to crazyland on Old Fulton St. passing the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Grimaldi’s (known for their pizza). Of course,        both had  l-o-n-g  lines and I was happy we’d already eaten.

From there, we headed towards the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, not easy to find  where Prospect St. crosses Washington St. around Cadman Plaza East amidst traffic, construction, broken sidewalks, detours, circles, exits, people, people and more people. I’m a native New Yorker and it made me cringe.

The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883 and designed by German civil engineer John Augustus Roebling. The walkway leading to Centre St. in Manhattan across from City Hall Park is 1.3 miles. The wooden walkway still has remnants of the old- fashioned gas lamps used to light the way. Better keep left when walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The right side is for bicyclists who are aggressive and nasty if you get in their way. Hang on to your kids because I’ve come to the conclusion that bicyclists are filled with inner rage.

All of this for a beautiful view of Manhattan at night? Is it worth it? Yes!

Going home was an adventure. We never found the entrance to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway East after driving in circles for 40 minutes. I know it’s there somewhere in plain sight. We wound up just taking the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, then the FDR Drive north to the Midtown Tunnel. Talk about going in circles. Don’t take this route unless you’re desperate.

Oh, I almost forgot. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

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Please watch this video for a view from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Next week’s blog: From Williamsburg to The Highline 

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