Meet Missy Badook

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Missy is the main character in my picture book, “Missy Badook Has a Birthday Party.” Here’s an excerpt from my book.

Some girls are most proud of how high they can jump. Some boys are most proud of how fast they can run.

But Missy Badook is most proud of her imagination. She has her own special way of having fun. Everyone loves Missy’s imagination. Well, almost everyone.

Just the other day at school, Missy made a scary face and chased the new girl into a closet. The new girl cried so hard that the teacher said, “Missy, I will have to send a note home.”

“Humph,” thought Missy.

Missy’s family was not happy to read the note. “But, I was only  pretending to be a monster,” Missy tried to explain.

“Sorry, Missy,” said Mommy Badook, ”You cannot do this.”

“No, Missy,” said Daddy Badook,” You cannot do that.”

“Oh, Missy,” said Grandma Badook, ”You have too much imagination.”

“Humph, Humph and Humph,” thought Missy.

© 2014 All rights reserved. No part of this content may be reprinted or used in any form without express permission from Elaine Donadio Writes.


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