The Science ProjectNestor is the main character in my book “The Science Project.” Let’s take a look at this excerpt to understand what’s inside Nestor’s head.


When I make a mistake, I do it in a big way. Not just an oops, but in a dude, what were you thinking kind of way. You’d think by the time I’m eleven years old, I’d get it right.

It’s the beginning of the school year and my life’s a mess. My mother says it’s a natural part of growing up. The problem is my best friend, Phil’s growing up faster than I am. So what? you ask.

Phil got tall over the summer. Now I look like his little brother.

He wants to play basketball with the older kids. They want him on their teams.

He’s easy – going. Kids invite him to hang out.

He likes girls more than he likes me. they like him back. He’s got this cocoa skin and green eyes thing going on-like some rock star.

So, what am I really good at? Hmm, good question.

Getting back on point, my science teacher wants to know our topics for our projects. I don’t have a topic. I need Phil to help me. He’s a year older and usually looks out for me. Now,  he’s too busy. Busy with what? Hanging out with his new friends.

There’s no easy way to make you understand. You’re going to have to hear the whole story. My father always told me, “Nestor, you need to step back from a situation to take  a good look at yourself.” Well, he stepped back all the way to Alaska. We haven’t heard from him in three months.

Mom’s really sad. I figure that maybe if I can do good in school, it’ll make her feel better. Maybe, it’ll take her mind off missing my father.

Sounds like a plan, right?

Things got out of control. That’s all I can tell you.

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