The Ocean's WayIn last week’s post, you read Holly’s poem, “The Ocean’s Way. ” Holly is the main character in my book with the same title. Now you can meet Holly in this excerpt.


Best friends forever? Yeah, right. It’s been said you never really know a person until you go on vacation together. After knowing each other for three years, my learning curve flew off the charts.

I had so much excitement built up inside of me and SHE didn’t want to talk.

There we were on an all expense paid trip to Florida to study marine life. It was the day after Christmas and Jasmine’s father dropped us off early at the airport for our 6:00am flight to Miami.

I peeked through the window as the American Airlines jet increased its speed and made its smooth ascent into the gray, winter skies of New York City.

“Jasmine, look how high we are. There’s Citi Field. Maybe we can see our houses.”

“Holly, don’t talk to me until this plane is on the ground.” Jasmine gripped the armrests of her seat so hard her knuckles turned white. Her back was arched and her jaw set in a hard line like a boxer getting ready for that KO punch. Eyes closed tight, tears streamed down her face.

“I thought you told your father you’d be okay on the plane,” I said.

“I’m not as okay as I thought I’d be.” Jasmine’s teeth were clenched.

I knew not to press the issue. Jasmine does things in her own time.

Three hours with nothing to do.

I took out my mirror to check out my look. Dark circles under my sleepy gray eyes. Good hair day today.  Sometimes my curly light brown hair gets all jumbled up like a ball of yarn a cat unraveled. Still, a selfie would be fun right about now, but no cell phones allowed on the plane, so there went that idea. Anyway, how would I explain why Jasmine wasn’t in the picture?

I browsed through the in-flight magazine.                                                                                         I read the emergency instructions.                                                                                                      I counted the clouds.                                                                                                                               I looked for shapes in the clouds.                                                                                                         I made up a crossword puzzle.

Q. 6 letters across- frustration                        A. bummer

Q. 10 letters down- friendlessness                 A. loneliness

Q. 8 letters across-forced to be silent            A. zippered

Q. 7 letters down-with mixed feelings           A. muddled

Q. 8 letters across-downhearted                     A. dejected

I wrote a poem.

                    airplane                                                                                                                                                controversial, convenient                                                                                                          soaring,   cruising,   alighting                                                                                                      usurper    of      the            clouds                                                                                                          fueled, maintained, feared                                                                                                         awesome, breathtaking                                                                                                                                                   conveyance

I noticed my mom and science teacher  sitting across the aisle talking and laughing like they were the ones who were best friends. My mom came as a chaperone. At least someone was having a good time. I didn’t want my mom to know what was going on with Jasmine. After all, who wants mommy sympathy in public when you’re already eleven years old?

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Watch this video to experience take-off  from New York City’s LaGuardia Airport.


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  1. rona simmons
    Sep 07, 2014 @ 09:32:07

    So who had the camera on that was not supposed to?



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