Poem: The Ocean’s Way

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

This poem appears at the end of  “The Ocean’s Way” as written by my main character, Holly and also as the Preface  in “The Ocean’s Way Poetry Companion.”


The Ocean’s Way

The ocean’s way

reaches the depths

of our soul.


It ebbs and flows

with questions and



It churns our imagination,

teeming with life

in the sunlit,

twilight and

midnight zones.


The sun spotlights the show

below the surface;

the pull of the moon

roughs up the gravel

and broken shells

inside our head.


Whitecaps of enlightenment

gently break up

the limits

of our mind.

© 2014 All rights reserved. No part of this content may be reprinted or used in any form without express permission of Elaine Donadio Writes.
Watch this video to see a live seashell struggle to make its way back to the ocean.


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